What you need to do after download Hot Spot World?

After download the app you will need to Install it and the open the App. Automatically it will ask you “Allow Hot Spot World to Access this device’s location. It will give you 2 options: Deny or Allow. Allowing will give the permission to google to show you in real time you location. After that, the app will shut down and You will need to reopen it. Your phone is smart but it needs to reopen to understand that you are allowing to use your location.

What do after the App is open?

You will need to select the city where you are located or where you will do the deliveries. If you select a different city, the app will Open and show the markers (UE, DD,PM,GH Restaurants), but automatically will move to your location. If you are located in an Area without restaurants around you, you will need to do zoom out to the app (-) the symbol is located at the bottom of the Map and see where do you need to drive to arrive to the Hot Spot Areas.

What I do if I open the App and not show markers around my location?

If you open the App and you can find any marker around you, you will need to move it to the area. Now you will ask, How you know in what direction you will need to drive? On the bottom of the map you will find 2 symbols (+) Zoom In and (-) Zoom out. Press Zoom out until you find the hot spot areas. And then click over a pin (marker), at the bottom will show a Blue diamond with an arrow. Click on it and will open the map with you location and the location to the restaurant that you selected. Google maps will guide you to the location and then go back to the app. When you are driving the map will start to moving in real time and then when you are close to the area, the map wil start to showing you all the restaurants in the area. Just you park there and wait for the orders.

What Happen if my city are not included in the app?

Hot Spot World App has included the main cities in World. Just you will let me know in what city you live or in what city you do deliveries and  I will  include the city. You can write me at hotspotdeliveries.app@gmail.com and let me know in what city you do deliveries and We will add as soon as We can.

The App will share muy location with other users?

No. The app only will your location to show where you are and then show the Hot Spot Areas with more concentration of restaurants around you. The App NEVER will Share your location.

What are the Colors in the map?

The colors not represent an special reason, just they are for specific areas. Idea is because with colors you can mark what zone you like and what zone works better for your convenience. Not because you see more restaurants in an area and you park there, you will receive more calls, but you will have more chances that if you are driving around because the food delivery platforms works with an algorytm of send orders by proximity of drivers, but proximity is not be parked at the door of a restaurant, because in some areas the signal is not strong. You need to park close but not to close. I hope this anwers can help you.

What Countries the app are covering?

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgique, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominica Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, France, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine & USA. I will continue adding more countries as soon Uber add it.

How I know what main cities are covering by the app?

In the menu on top you will see COUNTRIES. Right there, when you see the list, selecting your country will open a page showing the country map and the cities. The cities in the map are the main cities but the suburbs or small cities can be included. But if not, you will need to write us and ask for the city or suburb  that you are looking for and we will try to included. When we do it, We will let you know, in an email back.