First Was Hot Spots Florida App

Covering all Florida State

Adding more and more restaurants weekly

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Second Was Hot Spots USA App

Covering all the United States of America

Still adding more cities

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Third Was Hot Spots World

The Sky is not the Limit...Its just the beginning

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Hot Spots World. The app will help food delivery drivers. After launching the Hot Spots USA and Hot Spots Florida version I received great feedback and getting requests for the world version I decided to develop and launch the Hot Spots World .
Hot Spots World is an app that helps you find the areas that have the highest number of restaurants currently using food delivery services. As a food delivery driver, I saw the need for an app such as this one to make all of our driving jobs easier.

The app uses GPS technology to help you easily locate high activity areas. This feature will allow you to park near those areas and will facilitate taking multiple orders within close proximity.

Inicially the app is covering U.S.A, Canada, England, Holland, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Belgique, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, India, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rumania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Scotland. I will continue adding more countries, more cities & more restaurants.

We welcome feedback and tips regarding areas of restaurants that we may have left out. You may contact us at: hotspotdeliveries.app@gmail.com


About Our App?

Its been 3 1/2 months since I been with Uber Eats when I first started I wanted to quit. I had no idea which area were profitable until I ran across this app. I been using this app for 2 months now and I can tell you I went from making $40 a day to $80 sometimes $100. It shows me were the hot spots are and I'm not driving around looking for ping, the money is chasing me once your on that area. I would highly recommend you try this app.

Jefferson Keliss
Atlanta, GA, USA Uber Eats Delivery Driver

Great app for finding Ubereats hotspots and cluster of restaurants to maximize your chances of getting more deliveries. This is a very good companion app for all Ubereats drivers. The developer keeps updating the app to include more cities and restaurants

Marlon Johnson
Ubereats delivery Driver from Florida State, USA

Great app for Uber Eats drivers, see how many participating restaurants are around you, find good spots to wait for the next ping! Particularly helpful if you're outside of your normal territory. Updated frequently with new cities added.

Dan Phillips
Uber Eats delivery driver from Florida State, USA

Love the app. Very useful. A++

Thank You, sir!

Miss Kitty
Uber Eats driver from Florida, USA

Thanks for updating the information for 192 in Orlando, FL, USA. Amazing app for Uber Eats drivers to know exactly where to find pings

Bradlee Sargent
Uber Eats delivery driver from Orlando, Florida, USA

if you are an Uber Eats driver, het this NOW. if you are tired of waiting for pings all day, this app tells you what areas are busy. I have used it in the Tampa area and I get many more pings now.

Dan Specht
Uber Eats fro Orlando, Florida, USA

Awesome app! Pays for itself on the first use.

Ernesto Cano
Miami, Florida, USA

Created by a creative co worker with Uber Eats! An amazing tool to make the job easier and the income higher.

Thank you!

Shaun Wahl
Uber Eats from Florida

Great app. let me follow the $$$$

Sweet Mango
Uber Eats driver from Florida, USA

It's Very Good For First Time Drivers. I recommended it.

Lisset Morales
Miami, Florida Uber Eats driver

It's even in the tiny Town Gainesville that's awesome. and I look forward to the future improvements

Sky Tripp-Shaefer
Gainesville, Florida, USA

Thank you for the help and for the quick response on the areas.

Kelsey Peach
Uber Eats driver from Florida, USA

Great app! Very helpful!

Adam Chrzastek
Uber Eats driver from Chicago, IL, USA
Hot Spots Florida App

We are trying to cover main cities in the Sunshine State, also small cities with high volume of restaurants.

I will be making updates frequently to include more restaurants and eventually adding more cities.

Hot Spots USA App

We are in almost in all 50 States of The United States of America (We are trying to cover the main cities and the cities that users suggest as in the Facebook Groups). I will be making updates frequently to include more restaurants and eventually adding more cities.


Our Apps?

Devices Compatible

Our apps work in both Operation System iOS & Android


We are feeding the database weekly to cover every single restaurant that is offering Food Delivery service.


The apps has a friendly design.


Our Dynamic Database is optimized and it will show you the markers at fast of you are closer to the restaurants.


We are always ready to receive feedbacks &  suggestions. Trying to make the apps better in each update.


After you download the app and you install it, You will have Free updates for a lifetime